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Hello and thank you for checking out our website! Our names are JJ and Carly Raymond. We both graduated from the California State University of Chico. We are on staff with Cru in Orange County. There are many competitive forces on college campuses influencing our students. Ultimately, these competitive forces are preventing our students from knowing who Jesus is. Our prayer is college students will have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel and know who Jesus Christ is.

Our vision for Orange County is that it will be like an airport. At just one airport, many people are flying in and out. Traveling to different destinations; within the United States or internationally. Just like an airport, Orange County draws different types of students. There is a huge diversity of cultures, ethnicities, spiritual backgrounds or moral upbringings. Within our scope in Orange County (UC Irvine, Chapman University, Irvine Valley College, Saddleback College, Orange Coast College, and Concordia) the total student population is over 100,000 active college students!

Our prayer is this: If these 100,000 college students have a desire to pursue Jesus and share the Gospel with others, they could have a huge impact on the world. We want to encourage, invest, and train our students during their time in Orange County. Historically, college students in Orange County leave Southern California to pursue a profession with their degree. This could lead our students to the east coast or even internationally. Our vision is Orange County will be a sending place, just like an airport; where a lot of people come to one spot but are then sent out to multiple locations.

Carly and I really see the potential of Orange County living up to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We are really looking forward in what the Lord has in plan for us and our students! For more information about some of our campuses within Orange County, check our UCI Cru’s Website!

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