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God Connecting Students to College Campus Ministries

“Is this Cru?” asked Kathleen, when she sheepishly walked up to our table. There was a buzz of sound from the thousands of college students milling around checking out different campus clubs at the fair at UC Irvine. I (Carly) answered excitedly, “Yes! You’re in the right place!”

Kathleen was eating McDonalds on Santa Monica beach with some friends over the summer and a couple students on a Summer Mission with Cru approached them and asked them if they would like to talk about spiritual things using photography. They sat together on the beach looking at photography on cards. They answered questions such as, “Which photo describes where you are on your spiritual journey? Which card describes your view of God and why?” The students then shared with Kathleen and her friends about Jesus.

Kathleen loved looking at the photos and interacting with Cru students. She attends church with her family, so when she got to UC Irvine as a freshmen this year, she knew she wanted to be part of a community where she could grow in her faith.

We are so thankful for God’s perfect plan for Kathleen to grow up learning about Jesus, then hear about Cru on the beach, and then find our group at UC Irvine. He is so purposeful in His plans for people. Kathleen is currently involved in our campus ministry called Destino, which desires to reach out to Latino students on campus. We are excited to see how God will continue to work in her life!

This fall has been wonderful to see the ways that God is moving! We are excited about students forming community, leading out in praying for their campuses, and desiring to reach their peers with the gospel.

Our family has been blessed to work with amazing students! We got to spend a weekend at our annual Fall Retreat! The students love Naomi! She even took her first steps with them over the weekend. We left the retreat refreshed in our relationship with Jesus. I am still hearing students share the ways that our speaker (local Pastor Wilson Wang) allowed them to see Jesus in a fresh way and challenged them to think about the impact their lives could have on others around them.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Kathleen and new freshmen students to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus amidst school pressures and navigating new relationships.
  • Pray for students and us to pursue Jesus daily, moment by moment, not just at retreats or during Bible study.
  • Praise God for opportunities to share the gospel in creative ways! Sharing the gospel using photos and asking questions has been a fun and easy way to connect with people!
  • Praise God that our baby girl Naomi turned one! We are so thankful for the joy she brings to everyone around her! We survived year one as parents!
Solarium Night at Chapman University. Solarium is an Evangelism tool used to share the Gospel through imagery.

Solarium Night at Chapman University. Solarium is an Evangelism tool used to share the Gospel through imagery.

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